Call for Volunteers for the CIP National Conference in Winnipeg, July 2018

The CIP National Conference will be held in Winnipeg in July 2018!  Manitoba has played host to the National Conference once every ten years – 1988, 1998, 2008 and now again in 2018.  

Planning is already underway for a unique and exciting conference. Hosting 600-800 individuals will require our small affiliate (120 members) to adopt an all-hands-on-deck approach to preparing for this significant event.  Please consider doing your part and join an exciting set of small teams and individuals that will be working to make our City proud in 2018!

We are inviting all members to join a team that will be creating innovative ideas and tackling challenges.  Roles will come in small, medium and large sizes and will slot into the following topic areas: 


  • Social and Cultural.  This team will be thinking of and arranging social activities for conference delegates, including working with The Fringe Festival.
  • Organizational Partners.  This group will be working with partner associations including MALA, MAA, APEGM and others in order to find and create multi-disciplinary content for the conference.
  • Programming.  This team will be creating a program that is innovative, local, national, international, to provide conference delegates with the planning and related content that satisfies both the mind and soul.  (an intriguing Conference Theme is arising – details to follow!)
  • Sponsorship.  This team will be working with CIPs help to find creative approaches to getting quality exposure to local and national conference sponsors.
  • Communications/Promotion. This team will be working on ways to get the word out about the conference and to communicate with members throughout the planning and execution of the conference.
  • Mobile Workshops. This team will be working with the Professional Conference Organizer
  • Awards.  This team will work with CIP to figure out how to honour award recipients.
  • Conference Day Volunteers.  There will be many jobs during the conference itself – primarily for reserved for students to help offset conference attendance costs.
  • Other jobs.  Other jobs will arise as the clock counts down – if you are unsure of how you would like to help, just say that and we’ll work with you to find something suitable!

Please respond by email at the coordinates below.  In your response please let us know whether you are able to take on a small, medium or a large role and whether you have an area, topic or role that interests you.  We would like to find something you would actually enjoy doing while volunteering!

Planning is underway already – great ideas are already flowing – all you have to do is hop on the bus and join the ride!!  Please respond before January 31, 2017.  Our conference will be announced and promoted at the Calgary conference this coming summer!

Please contact either conference co-chairs to lend a hand:

Chris Leach: 204-229-1970 or

Donovan Toews: 204-453-8008 or

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