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Call for Submissions to the MPPI Membership


Call for Submissions to PLAN North West (PLAN NW) Planning Journal 


PLAN NW invites interested authors (i.e. planners who are members of APPI as well those who are not) to submit articles or concepts for articles, for consideration in upcoming issues of this planning publication.  The length of submissions can vary between 500 - 2000 words. In addition to submitting a completed article, you may propose an idea or abstract for consideration by the Editorial Board prior to submitting a completed piece.  Submissions are encouraged for a range of topics and in various formats, including but not limited to: book reviews, travel experiences, lessons learned,, planning history, presentation summaries, research results. 


Planners, both members and non-members, are encouraged to share their valuable experiences with their colleagues and submit an article today!  Regulated members of the Institutes may log the time committed to preparing articles as structured learning for the purposes of their mandatory Continuous Professional Learning (CPL).   Having your article published in PLAN NW contributes to the planning community and provides an opportunity for professional advancement and personal satisfaction. 


If you have any questions about PLAN NW or would like to discuss your idea about a potential article, please feel free to contact plannorthwest@gmail.com and one of our editorial board members will contact you promptly.

For Members

The member pages cover areas of importance and interest, including Professional Development, CPL Program and U of M Student information.

If you have questions regarding MPPI and your membership, contact Geoff Powell, Executive Director at 1-888-626-3036 or info@mppi.mb.ca

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