CPL Program

Following consultation and discussion, the MPPI membership instituted mandatory Continuous Professional Learning (CPL) at the October 12, 2005 MPPI AGM.  The CPL program was developed in response to the profession’s recognition of its own needs as well as the public’s growing need for assurance that many professionals remain current with contemporary theory, methods, and practice within their profession.

To help members achieve this requirement, MPPI develops resources that fit the unique needs of planning professionals in Manitoba.  MPPI is committed to ensuring the CPL program provides value, is realistic, and meets the needs of members regardless where they practice in Manitoba.

CPL Roles and Responsibilities

MPPI Council is the approval authority for the CPL program and is responsible for approving any program changes and administration of the CPL program.

MPPI’s Practice Review Committee oversees the administration of the CPL program, is responsible for the drafting and revision of the CPL Guide and works in cooperation with other MPPI Committees to identify and provide adequate CPL opportunities for members.

CIP provides the reporting infrastructure on their website www.cip-icu.ca.

Key Information about the MPPI CPL Program

Essential information regarding dates and requirements of the CPL program:

  • Annual reporting periods (January 1 to December 31)
  • Reporting deadline is December 31
  • 18.0 Learning Units (LUs) are required each year
  • A minimum of 9.0 learning units have to be “Structured”.
  • Members with more than 9.0 “Structured” LUs may carry those LUs forward for credit in the next reporting year.
  • “Unstructured” LUs can not be carried forward.
  • Learning activities (“Structured” or “Unstructured”) do not need to be pre-approved by MPPI in order to count for credit.

Reporting CPL Learning Units

To report your Learning Units, visit https://ams.cip-icu.ca/login and sign-in using your member login information.

See below for more information on reporting your CPL's:

MPPI CPL Tutorial

Calculating Learning Units

“Structured” LUs
These activities include structured courses, meetings, seminars and workshops that are either provided by CIP, MPPI, or by an external provider or group. For activities endorsed in advance by CIP or MPPI, the number of LUs will be indicated when you log the LUs.

Calculate LU hours for learning activities by reporting the number of hours spent (to the nearest quarter hour) in direct planning-related learning with a minimum of 1/2 hour or .5 LUs of learning activity.

“Unstructured” LUs
Individual self-reported activities are generally not organized or structured activities, and are largely independent.  These are activities in which members independently engage.  Activities often provide support to the profession or society, as well as providing education to members.  Examples are civic or professional committees.  Additional activities include teaching, research or self-designed learning experiences including reading articles and publications, which may be supported with self-tests, written reviews, informal sharing of knowledge activities.

To be eligible for credit, individual self-reported activities must be in some way planned, must be educational, yield new knowledge for the individual member, and apply to the practice of planning.

Calculate LU hours for Individual/Unstructured activities by reporting the number of hours spent (to the nearest quarter hour) with a minimum of 1/2 hour or .5 LUs of activity.  There are also some limits to how many Learning Units (LUs) can be reported and claimed for certain individual ‘Unstructured’ learning activities, based on the guidelines provided in the MPPI CPL Program Guide (see link below).  In addition, there is a total maximum limit of 9.0 ‘Unstructured’ LUs that may count towards the required 18.0 total LUs for each reporting period (calendar year).

MPPI CPL Program Guide


Exemptions and Compliance

If members are unable to meet CPL requirements for some reason they are advised to contact the MPPI Practice Review Committee at info@mppi.mb.ca.  The CPL Committee may issue waivers in the case of medical or maternity leave and special circumstances.

Professional Development

MPPI is committed to providing members with professional learning opportunities throughout the year.  To assist our members meeting their CPL requirements, there are a variety of resources offered by MPPI and/or our partners.

  • MPPI Breakfast Series: seminars that feature speakers on a variety of relevant topics. 
  • CPL Seminars: training on important topics hosted by the CPL Committee.
  • Manitoba Planning Conference: an excellent annual opportunity to gain learning units.
  • CIP’s Resource Library: an online tool providing open access to a wide range of planning resources that may be used to earn required learning units. Visit CIP

Is there a learning opportunity that you think other planners should know about?  Send us a note at info@mppi.mb.ca and we can add it to our bulletin!