2022 / 2023 MPPI Council:        

President: Andrew Mok, RPP, MCIP (year 2 of 2-year term)
President Elect: Jeff Pratte, RPP, MCIP (year 2 of 2-year term)
Treasurer: Dianne Himbeault, RPP, MCIP (year 1 of third 2-year term)
Lauren Lange, RPP, MCIP (year 1 of first 2-year term)
Gavin Williamson, MCIP (year 2 of first 2-year term)
City Planning Faculty Rep: Richard Milgrom, RPP, MCIP
UMAPS Rep: Madeline Schon
Public Representatives (appointed by MPPI Council):
Marilyn Robinson, RN (Ret), BScN (year 3 of second 3- year term, ending August 31, 2023)
Walter Burdz, P. Eng., MBA (year 2 of second 3-year term, ending August 31, 2024)
Bradley Keefe, CPA, CA (year 3 of first 3-year term, ending August 31, 2022)



Registration Committee

  • Tim Hogan, MCIP, RPP(Chair)
  • Dianne Himbeault, RPP, MCIP(Council Rep)
  • Ross Mitchell, MCIP, RPP, 
  • Dianna Emerson, MCIP, RPP
  • Dwayne Rewniuk, MCIP, RPP

Communication and Events Committee

  • Ryan Segal, MCIP, RPP Co-Chair
  • Evan Allan, MCIP, RPP Co-Chair
  • Karin Kliewer, MCIP, RPP
  • Evan Sinclair , MCIP, RPP, 

U of M Faculty Architecture Endowment Fund Committee Rep

  • Janice Pochailo, MCIP, RPP
  • Marc Brown, MCIP, RPP

Professional Education and Examination Committee Rep

  • Stephen Walker, MCIP, RPP

Professional Standards Committee Rep

  • Erin McCleery, MCIP, RPP

Professional Standards Board Rep

  • Loyd Talbot, MCIP, RPP

Accreditation Program Committee Rep

  • David Marsh, MCIP, RPP

Downtown Urban Design Advisory Committee Rep (City of Winnipeg)

  • Ryan Segal, MCIP, RPP

CIP Fellows Committee Rep