The 2018 Annual General Meeting will be held at the Little Brown Jug, 336 William Avenue, Winnipeg on Tuesday, April 17, 2018 (7:00 - 8:30 p.m.) Additional information to follow.



The following positions are available: 

President-Elect and up to 3 Councillor positions.

This is an excellent opportunity to: 

  • Build your professional network; 
  • Lead a small group of committed volunteers; 
  • Receive Continuous Professional Learning units;
  • Influence the major issues facing the profession and Institute. 

Council members will serve two year terms - ending in 2020. 

MPPI Council Nomination Form

MPPI Council President-Elect Nomination Form


2017 / 2018 MPPI Council:

David Jopling, MCIP, RPP, President         

Michal Kubasiewicz, MCIP, RPP President Elect          

Dianne Himbeault, MCIP, RPP        

Tim Hogan, MCIP, RPP                    

Ariel Lupu, MCIP, RPP                     

Ross Mitchell, MCIP, RPP                

Brendan Salakoh, MCIP, RPP

Andrew Mok, MCIP, RPP                     

Richard Milgrom, City Planning Faculty Rep

Sever Lupu, Public Representative

Marilyn Robinson, Public Representative

Wes Shewchuk, Public Representative

Evan Sinclair, UMAPS Rep



Registration Committee

  • Ross Mitchell, MCIP, RPP, Chair
  • Dianna Emerson, MCIP, RPP
  • Matthew Fitzgerald, MCIP, RPP
  • Dwayne Rewniuk, MCIP, RPP

Communication and Events Committee

  • Tim Hogan, MCIP, RPP, Co-Chair
  • Brendan Salakoh, MCIP, RPP, Co-Chair
  • Janice Miller, MCIP, RPP
  • James Platt, MCIP, RPP
  • Jennifer Rogers, MCIP, RPP

U of M Faculty Architecture Endowment Fund Committee Rep

  • Marc Brown, MCIP, RPP

Professional Education and Examination Committee Rep

  • Loyd Talbot, MCIP, RPP

Professional Standards Committee Rep

  • Ross Mitchell, MCIP, RPP

Professional Standards Board Rep

  • Chris Leach, MCIP, RPP

Accreditation Program Committee Rep

  • Ramona Mattix, MCIP, RPP

Downtown Urban Design Advisory Committee Rep (City of Winnipeg)

  • Veronica Hicks, MCIP, RPP

CIP Fellows Committee Rep

  • Linda McFadyen, MCIP, RPP